Fee Perfect

Fee Perfect is the brainchild of Fritz Ekwoge who has a number of seminal projects behind him.  A Polytechnique grad student of ’07, Ekwoge started working for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) andwhile there, he launched Kerawa.com, an online classified ads platform. According to Alexa.com, for some time in 2007, Kerawa.com was the most visited site by local Cameroonian firms. The success of this startup gave Ekwoge confidence and with an investment from Limbe Labs he quit his job at PWC and started a company called Fee Perfect, which he describes as “an African tech company run right”.

In 2010, SeedCamp selected Fee Perfect as one of the top ten African startups. However, all of his previous ventures haven’t gone so smoothly.  Before Kerawa.com, there was Akoko.com, which he started while he was in Polytechnique, but this wasn’t successful.

Ekwoge then developed an app called Find Me, in 2011, which is a smart mobile phone book that finds companies, places and individuals, when one types, for example, ‘Find X’, and sends an SMS. The answer is received within a millisecond. It also includes an algorithm which automatically corrects names during a search. The app has been tested with phone companies in Cameroon and negotiations are in the pipeline.

The realization that Find Me might take a while to be integrated into society led Ekwoge to createIyam.mobi, which is a cheap bulk SMS platform that targets Africa. Iyam.mobi’s website now includes a classified ads section, which wasn’t originally present. Iyam.mobi has more users in Nigeria than in Cameroon, and Ghana is the third African country with highest users. Recently, Congo Brazzaville and Chad joined the list of those using Iyam.mobi.

Feem is Fee Perfect’s first global product, and it is mostly used in USA, India, France, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Germany. Feem offers painless local sharing to the world using Wi-Fi, and it is adapted for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Feem doesn’t have a precise launch date, given that it was launched on different dates on the various platforms under Fee Perfect, but it has been operational for almost a year.